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View from our officeOur main office is located in Western Massachusetts on the Housatonic River in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. (image at left is the view from our office.) We are committed to the growth and equitable treatment of our employees and craftsmen. Globally we support a number of non-profit organizations such as The Central Asia Institute (building girls schools in Pakistan and Afganisthan), Maiti Nepal (which rescues little girls from prostitution rings and gives them a life), HEAL Africa (a special hospital for women in the Congo), Amnesty International, Mercy Corps and EnlightenNext.org.

Saraswati Imports was founded in the early 1990’s by Elisa Mishory during her extensive travels through Asia. Her passion for the local cultures, the profound spirituality, and the craftsmanship of traditional artisans have guided her life ever since. Elisa named her business after Saraswati, the swan-riding beloved Hindu goddess of arts and education. The swan symbolizes spiritual grace and purity and according to Indian literature, dines on pearls, diamonds, and rubies.

The backbone of our business is our love and appreciation of high-quality unusual stones, and the hand workmanship of the silversmiths of India and Nepal. In Thailand we also find very fine and intricate designs as well as fashion-forward styles. We have worked with the same designers since the beginning, and their families are like our own. We encourage fair employment and benefit opportunities, and we have seen the quality of life improve for the silversmiths with whom we work.

Saraswati Imports also offers you the sacred art of Tibet: exquisite Tibetan thankas. The thankas are silk framed works of art featuring hand-painted detailed images of Buddhist and Hindu iconography. Our collection has been exhibited in several galleries and is one of the best available in the United States. Images are available upon request. Sizes, quality, and costs range from approximately $30 to $1000.

Your long term satisfaction is our primary goal. We look forward to helping your business grow and prosper.

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