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We deeply value our relationships with our customers, employees, and manufacturers. Relationship has been the fuel from the beginning, as Elisa spent her days sitting for hours with retailers in their shops (in between stints of fixing her constantly in-need of repair VW bus). Many of those original customers are still friends and customers, and strong relationships matter as much to us now as they did on Day One.

We value quality and strive to always provide you with the highest quality that we possibly can – with the most affordable pricing – so that this beauty can be available to all.

One of our strongest values is our commitment to give back. A minimum of 10% of our profits goes to a variety of non-profit organizations. Globally we support a number of non-profit organizations with a focus on the education and health of girls, and environmental protections. One of our favorite nonprofits is Treesisters, and we have been planting 180 trees per month through them since 2018.